Indonesian Rosewood Furniture

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Indonesian rosewood furniture is one of the best and popular wood furniture from Indonesia together with other wood furniture in different materials. Rosewood itself in Indonesia called sonokeling wood is a type of wood which has a red main color, and it has a special redolent that will be lasting for many years even after it processed. In Asia, this kind wood particular is the most used wood to make palaces in ancient kingdoms, especially in China. For example, an old royal cabinet from dynasty Ming has been founded and its made from a Chinese rosewood, and it still has fragrant even its already 16 centuries old.


Examples of Indonesian Rosewood Furniture


indonesian rosewood furniture


Indonesian often called Rosewood as Sonokeling. Sonokeling wood is a good material to make types of furniture such as a wardrobe or cabinet. Indonesian rosewood furniture also has many furniture models like closet and cabinet in their shipment list because wardrobe or cabinet made from rosewood will help the clothes stored inside in the wardrobe to be preserved longer because sonokeling has a natural wood fragrant. This aromatic wood can repel many kinds of bug which usually dwell in wardrobe. The Indonesian rosewood furniture will produce fragrant much longer if you spray a little bit of perfume inside the cabinet and the trace will not diminish until a two month.

Another kind of Indonesian rosewood furniture is a rosewood bed frame. In Indonesia, that bed frame usually made from wooden material. The most common favorite bed frame in Indonesia is rosewood because rosewood has unique fragrant. Not just it is fragrant, this wood also durable and vigorous. This wood It’s considered to be the hardest wood right after mahogany and teak wood. So, rosewood it would be equal to make a bed frame. Rosewood also a natural anti-termite wood because that unique fragrant will repel some of the critical bugs for woods like beetles termites and other.

Indonesian Rosewood furniture has much superiority than other furniture which is made from other lesser wood materials. Rosewood is robust and durable which is the same with teak wood’s durability. Rosewood also has a hardness like teak, so it will be easy to work with. Then, it has a different aromatic coming out from its body even has been dead and the aromatic fragrant will last as long as several years after being processed. Indonesian Rosewood furniture also has a beautiful red color similar to rose’s color, and it will be suitable for your home furniture.