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java teak furniture


For those who love the elegance of furniture, they must know how precious the Java teak furniture. For centuries, teak wood has been a famous one in the world of luxurious and long last furniture. As we know, teak wood is a product of a teak tree that spread along some regions of Indonesia. But in fact, there are differences among teak wood from one region to another. The best quality of teak wood sourced from teak forests that exist in Central Java, compare to West Java for example. The differences especially in the quality between the woods that came from Central Java and West Java make the price is also different.

Why is it different? One of the factors influenced is the land’s fertility. There is a different in the content of the land in West Java and Central Java. There is a component that makes teak wood from West Java owns bigger pores compare to teak from Central Java. In other words, teak wood from Central Java has a better density compare to another. This makes the wood stronger and last longer even if it’s located outdoor.

Enthusiasteak furniture is one of manufactures and exporter teak furniture that uses legal wood which is sources from Central Java. Get the best quality of indonesia teak furniture only from us because we are experienced in handling various kinds of model design, size, carving, color, and also number of items. We create products that optimizing the function and also presenting the elegance and beautifying surrounds.

What kind of furniture do you wish for? Our products ranged from a small chair in to a big cabinet. Starting from a corner table into an outdoor set of teak umbrella. We have choices to satisfy your needs; varnishing or without varnishing, personal usage or business usage. Just contact us and you will find java teak furniture that you are looking for.

Here are some items java teak furniture that we have for your reference :