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Jepara Furniture Manufacturer for High-Quality Teak Furniture


You can get the reliable wooden furniture in Enthusiasteak Furniture. It is Jepara furniture manufacturer that provides high quality material from high-grade teak wood. Customer satisfaction is the top priority and there is custom order to fulfill what you want the most. In fact, people love teak because it is versatile wood for any production. In past time, people considered teak as high quality and expensive material. Even though the furnishings are produced decades ago, the quality and design are still preserved. That is what you will get of ordering teak furniture from Enthusiasteak.


Exploring Product from Indonesia Jepara Furniture Manufacturer


  1. Teak quality

First thing that you should know about Jepara furniture manufacturer is teak quality. You may find two furnishings with the same design and size, but have the different grade for teak quality level. Moreover, the quality determines durability and resilient level of furniture to keep for long-term utilization. As the top grade wood, teak becomes popular due to its quality. That’s important thing to know before you choose the design and custom order.


In Enthusiasteak Furniture, the teak wood is divided into three categories. There are grade A, B, and C. Grade A is the best and top quality at all. It comes from heart of oak tree with dark tone on its color. In order to get this quality, the tree should be mature enough before cutting down for production. Another way to recognize this tree is greasy texture when you touch its surface. For Grade B, the quality is below grade A, but it’s still good enough to produce resilient furniture. With varnishing, this teak will withstand from weather, insect, and termites. The last grade is C and it is the lowest one at all. It has lighter tone on color. Enthusiasteak Jepara furniture manufacturer considers this quality from two sources. Firstly, it is from outer area of tree trunk. Secondly, this kind of teak is from tree that’s not mature enough for production.


  1. Indoor furniture

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Furniture is common term for products, such as chair, cabinet, bench, longer table, bed, buffet, ad chest. Indoor furniture is product that usually utilizes for indoor area such as living room, bedroom, dining room, or bigger space.  Enthusiasteak Jepara furniture manufacturer produces several indoor furnishings to fulfill what customer wants and needs. The indoor furniture consists of several types and each type also has its own specific design. The teak bed is popular product from this category. You can get simple and standard teak bed. It looks less ornament, but has high quality teak as material. If you want fancy design and size, there are Kartini, Java, Jepara, and Bali designs. They have canopy in each four pillar of bed to give bed roof.


Other indoor furniture includes cabinet, chest, buffet, wardrobe, bookcase, table, chair, and mirror. As you know, tables and chairs are the common products for furniture. Teak wood increases the capability of those furnishings and prolongs the durability. You can order chairs with various designs and few options for table. All of products are high quality that Jepara furniture manufacturer always gives for customers.


  1. Outdoor furniture

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Having indoor furniture is common thing at home or any place. Besides teak products for indoor, you can consider Enthusiasteak when needing outdoor furniture. What is difference between indoor and outdoor furniture? At first, you may move the chair from living room to garden. That is not big deal for temporary. However, outdoor furniture is designed specifically for outdoor activity and purpose. Enthusiasteak Jepara furniture manufacturer makes sure that the product is able to withstand in any weather condition.


Furniture for outdoor consists of several types such as bench, bar set, chair, table, and lounge set. For garden, you can pick chair, bench, and table with attractive design. The bench has unique design such as rectangles, no-back bench, round style, and hexagonal design. For table, you get three majors options, which are fixed, folding, and extended one. Each option has different style depending on its surface and stands. You can get table with round, oval, rectangle, or other unique styles. If you have your own design, go for custom order to get specific furniture. Enthusiasteak Jepara furniture manufacturer provides outdoor chair with three variants, fixed, folding, and recliners. Fixed chair is good choice if you decide to decorate outdoor for longer period. On the other side, folding chair is flexible and practical to enjoy garden or outdoor from many spots.


  1. Custom order

People have their own idea to decorate indoor and outdoor area. Instead of existing options, Enthusiasteak Jepara furniture manufacturer gives opportunity to order custom product. This is something that rarely find on others jepara furniture manufacturer. It is not easy service to give custom order for customer.


In Enthusiasteak Furniture, you will see furniture with attractive and elegant design. For example, there are cupboard, dining set, garden set, teak lounge, and wardrobe. Cupboard is the furniture that’s capable to modify in order to fit room decoration and personal design. Garden sets and teak lounges are what you should order via custom project. There are existing products for garden, but the custom one will adjust furniture and garden perfectly. That’s similar thing if you decide to customize lounge area to make elegant and excellent.


Well, everything you get comes from your own preference and design. The custom order requires different approach. You will find custom inquiry section on for this service. Moreover, Enthusiasteak Jepara furniture manufacturer will measure and calculate everything to satisfy customers.


As we know, Jepara is popular place for woodcraft and furniture products. You will find many workshops from small to large scale. It is not easy to keep in this business for longer period because the material is expensive and people want to get the top quality with affordable price. To maintain the quality, Enthusiasteak tries new thing such as reclaimed teak.


People think teak is expensive product. Competitors come from various fields, but Enthusiasteak Jepara furniture manufacturer is still at the top choice because of few reasons. It is about quality, service, design, and customer support. In order to reach more customers, there is official website at for the address, contact number and further information.



For your information, not all products we can make we show on our company website, we also accept custom production of buyer design. If you have your own furniture design, just send your design to us then we can calculate the price of your design, and if our price is not possible for you, you can bid them, and we are so welcome to discuss for possible with your budget or your target market price.