Instant Guide How to Take Care of Teak Furniture

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Indonesian Teak Furniture is like a jewel. The beauty and the luxury it brings make us have to pay a special attention to take care of it. It is kind of accessories that needs a special touch to keep it good. But how? Is it easy or difficult? When should I do the maintenance? What are the things I need? Those questions will be answered here.

  1. Clean up all the part of the furniture using a soft cloth every day. This is necessary to avoid the dust pile up. It is the first and the easiest way to keep your teak furniture clean.
  2. If the furniture doesn’t varnished then no need to clean it up with a mixture. Just keep it dry and clean as mentioned at the first point above.
  3. When it varnished, use a mixture and apply it with a soft plastic brush thoroughly. Do it from the bottom to the top, not vice versa.You can prepare the mixture by yourself. Just pour 1 cup of chlorine bleach and 1 cup of laundry detergent with a gallon of warm water, then you are ready to make your furniture shining.
  4. In order to retain and enhance the natural color of the wood, you can oil the teak furniture with a special oil available at the store. Do it routine, let say once in three months.
  5. Don’t forget to also look at the detail especially for the furniture that has a lot of interspace. Usually furniture decorated by carving. Remove all the dust from the interspace of the carving, using a soft plastic brush.
  6. When you need to remove some furniture to have a new interior design, for example, please not to shove it but pick it up and then put it on the new place.

Well, what do you think? It is easy, isn’t it? By doing it correctly and make it as a routine, bet, your teak furniture will be as beautiful as the first time you buy and as strong as it always. Incase you need an assistant to know further about teak furniture care, we will be happy to guide you to teak funiture care .














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