Quality teak classified into 3 classes / grade, namely Grade A, Grade B and Grade C. Grade A Teak more expensive than Teak Grade B and Grade B Teak more expensive than Teak Grade C. This is the main cause of their variations in the price of teak furniture.


Teak Grade A


Grade A Teak wood is teak with the best quality. Teak wood is derived from the middle or the heart of the oak (heartwood) with tree age at least 40 years. Grade A can be seen from the fiber is straight and aligned, the color is uniform, the fiber is very tight, and feels a bit slippery when held greasy wood surfaces. Oil is what gives teak tremendous resilience so that it can survive against extreme weather (usually in the 4 seasons) and the attacks of insects, including termites. However, this section is only about 25% of the logs, and this makes it a rare and very expensive.


Teak wood Grade B


Teak wood Grade B comes from the outermost part of the heart of the oak (heartwood), this section is 25% – 30% of the whole tree. Compared with grade A teak wood, teak wood grade B have a color slightly lighter, less irregular fiber, and less shiny, because the oil content was less than grade A teak wood Pellets wood fibers was not as thick wood grade A, but B-grade wood is still good for use as raw material for furniture


Teak wood Grade C


Quality Teak Grade C could be considered low. Teak wood is derived from the outer portion of the teak tree trunks (sapwood) and teak trees are not yet mature. This part took about 40% of all parts of the teak tree trunks. Teak wood Grade C does not have the oil that is able to protect wood, white color, and are usually filled with scratches or graffiti wood. Although derived from the same oak tree, grade C do not have the same quality or durability with grade C grade A. Usually this price is far below the price of grade B and grade A,


Teak grade A