Teak Wood Deck Flooring

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Teak is native plant in southeast and south Asia. In both regions, forest with teak grows extensively and becomes the major supplier for world trade. Indonesia is one of top exporters of wood on market from plantation and nature growth. One of applications is teak wood deck flooring for house, apartment, or any building. Teak belongs to hardwood category, which is able to hold heavy force while installed as deck flooring.


Teak wood deck flooring has several benefits than others. You can create deck flooring with culture-based pattern. Teak has been used as engraved material and you can see it on traditional house in Indonesia. Based on research, teak is able to withstand termite and pest. Tropical area is the source of many termites because of suitable season. Without varnish and paint, pure teak is enough for flooring. However, furniture and flooring still require varnish to increase the durability.

Indonesian furniture uses teak to fulfill two aspects, especially deck flooring. The main aspect is practical and you already know the capability of teak to hold heavy forces. It is the right material for such purpose. Second aspect is aesthetic value. Carpenter carves the teak with unique and traditional ornament. For flooring, this pattern is not similar to chair or table. The pattern integrates to surface, so you still feel the plain area.

Before installing teak for deck flooring, you need consider the other matters. Teak is nature material that’s good for indoor, though outdoor is not much issue. However, teak has long durability when installed as indoor flooring. Teak for outdoor should be covered with varnish to increase the protection and avoid termite. Initial cost for installation is cheaper, but it takes much effort for maintenance. Some people combine teak with other material to increase the practicality and aesthetic aspects. You may find expressive teak wood deck flooring with Indonesia culture from local producers..


Teak wood deck flooring