Teak wood furniture

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Indonesia is one of the countries that own a huge area of teak forest. There are some provinces which is known as the big contributor with regards to the teak wood, but, teak wood from Central and East Java is better than teak wood from other provinces. Indeed, you will easily find manufactures and exporters of teak wood furniture in both provinces and one of those is us, Enthusiasteak furniture.

In the right hands, Java teak wood will be such a great stuff for you. Our management and employee always work together and have committed to design, create, and sell only the high quality of teak wood furniture to satisfy your need. Not only classic design but also modern style. Not only retail but also wholesale. We aim to reach a wide range of customers and will treat them the same, fully with our heart.
Our creations will always obtain these characteristics:
1. Use only legal wood. We buy the raw material which is teak wood only from legal distributors. We respect Indonesian Government and its law, so, we will not deal with illegal distributors of wood. We fight for illegal logging.
2. Genuine. If customer ask us to make products with grade A teak wood, then we will use grade A. We have never deceived our customers by saying it’s grade A but in fact it’s not. Trustworthy is one of our value that we commit always.
3. Put attention to detail. Whatever customers say and ask, it will be handling carefully because we do not want to miss a single thing. Customer’s satisfaction is our priority.
4. Finish and ship it on time, as schedule. Also, we work with some reliable cargo company to make you feel safe.
Though there are a lot of similar vendors around Indonesia, but, we believe that we can understand and fulfill your need in terms of teak wood furniture. Both retail and wholesale, we are ready to do the work for you. Hence, no need to think longer for your wholesale teak wood furniture need. Your demand is our honor. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

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Teak wood furniture wholesale


Teak Furniture Wholesale