8 Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colours

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We wil give you tips for choosing exterior paint colours we are currently in the process of choosing the right color of exterior paint for your home. Not a pity! But since I am a person who studies, analyzes and studies a bit more, I have found some tips for choosing exterior paint colours (learn here) that are useful when choosing the color of the paint outside the house that I want to share with you today.

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1.Swipe Pinterest for inspiration-create a folder and save all the photos you love outside paint. Then find the pattern when sampling is complete. Is it drawn in a darker, more pleasant color? Or do you prefer a bright and bright look? Do you like the shutter to contrast with the paint, or do you like to mix more? Make a note of the pattern.


2. Swipe back-Once you know which color group you belong to, rub it again. We want our house to be white, but there are so many variations of white that we need to narrow it down. Creamy? clear? cooler? warmer? Too many choices. Also look for a picture that represents the colors used in the paint. I found 10 pictures that I really like. Everyone named the outer color and got a number 3 tip. (Click here to see its color.)


3. Get a Sample – Go to your local Sherwin Williams Home Depot or Lowes to get a sample. At Home Depot, it’s about $ 3.50 for sample cans, enough to give you an idea. The base color of Home Depot is different from Sherwin Williams’ base color, which can lead to slightly different colors, but after testing both, I was convinced that they were the same color. 🙂


4. Buy foam boards and paints-then it is better to buy foam boards (Target, Walmart, Craft Stores, Amazon) and paint samples on these boards. This allows you to take sample paintboards all over the house and test how the colors will look in different lights. It was very clear to us what color we do not like in a sunny house. I was very surprised because I would love a certain color based on one of the photos I found online. If you are not ready to paint the sample at home, it is better to do this step.


tips for choosing exterior paint colours

tips for choosing exterior paint colours

tips for choosing exterior paint colours



This made it very easy to get rid of “Snowbound” because there w

as a very green bass outside. We were also almost blinded by the sunlight, so we were able to get rid of the “Moderne White” immediately.

5. External Testing – When you are ready to narrow your choices and move on, it’s time to apply your samples externally. This will allow you to see how the actual color will look on the exterior surface of the house. It may be slightly different from foam boards. Do not be afraid to test a few different areas at home.

tips for choosing exterior paint colours




tips for choosing exterior paint colours

tips for choosing exterior paint colours

tips for choosing exterior paint colours

In our case, we found that Pure White came out right after testing it because the stem looked white at home. And since our eyes still felt like comparing pure white and simple white, we decided to paint the two best choices away from other samples for a fair comparison. We also painted this paint larger so that we can see it on the street.


6. Asking around-After looking at these two samples because of what I felt for hours, I decided to drive myself crazy and ask around. This can make things even more confusing or brighten the situation. After asking a friend, I realized that I should compare this color with the window so that the two whites do not collide. Another friend said he should consider what color would be “once the weather had come up,” and another friend finally gained the confidence needed to make a decision.


7.Comparing all the elements-the bed when comparing white and shutter colors (tree cone black) and wooden accents (wood window boxes, wooden double doors and wooden swings) around the house), we decided Simply White was our color . Colors also best match our windows, so we thought that was the right choice.


8. Go with your intuition! Have you always caught your eye? Is there anything going on? Listen to that feeling They mean something!


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